IMAB – International Medical Association Bulgaria

Seit Jahren pflege ich eine freundschaftliche Beziehungen zu IMAB und speziell zu deren Präsidenten Prof. Dr. Krassimir T. Metodiev, MD, Ph.D., (CV)
Head of Department Preclinical and Clinical Sciences, Medical University Varna, Bulgaria,


ARena – a project for sustainable prevention of antibiotic resistances   Ralph Breidung, (Germany), 14.05.2018, 28-th Annual Assembly of IMAB

Implementation of a patient safety and riskmanagement system in our doctors Network
Ralph Breidung (Germany), 13.05.2016,  26-th Annual Assembly of IMAB

CardioNet Noris – a project of the cooperative Quality and Efficiency (QuE)
Ralph Breidung (Germany), 16.05.2015,  25-th Annual Assembly of IMAB